Multikulti travel plan for 2017

Multikulti recently started a partnership with the Italian organisation Energia per i Diritti Umani (, which is based on the same principles as Multikulti and works on several development projects in India, Senegal and Gambia. In 2017 we will coordinate with this organization and offer trips in which Icelandic volunteers will have the opportunity to join Italian volunteers in projects in these countries, as well as Kenya and Tanzania. This means that we will be able to offer much more diversity in our volunteer trips in 2017.

Planned trips for 2017 

January (approx. Jan. 10-14) Three-week volunteer trip to India.

February (approx. Feb. 1-5) Five-week volunteer trip to Kenya and Tanzania (3 weeks in Kenya and 2 weeks in Tanzania). (This trip is scheduled following the trip to India so it is possible to combine those two.)

April (approx. April 6-9) Two- to three-week volunteer trip to Senegal and Gambia.

July (approx. July 5) Five-week volunteer trip to Kenya and Tanzania (3 weeks in Kenya and 2 weeks in Tanzania).

August (approx. Aug. 10) Two-week trip (not volunteer trip), mixing visits to children’s homes and villages that Friends of India supports with traditional tourist trips to popular places in South India.

October (more exact date confirmed later). Two-week volunteer trip to Senegal and Gambia.

More details on volunteer trips:

In India, Kenya and Tanzania, the volunteers participate in projects on weekdays and stay in homes/schools or at the home of the responsible parties for projects. From Friday to Monday they stay in hotels.

Volunteers participate in a preparatory program before leaving, in total 30 hours, to get familiar with the projects and the basis of the work.

The projects include:

  • Assisting in children homes, kindergartens and tuition centers in Tamil Nadu in South India.
  • Making bricks, harvesting vegetables and teaching in kindergartens and primary schools in Kenya and Tanzania.
  • Looking aftur and attending to orphans.
  • Assisting with tuition, e.g. English, geology, mathematics and computers.
  • Peer education about HIV with young local volunteers in Kenya.
  • Painting and maintenance projects in schools and children’s homes.
  • Agriculture projects, putting up fences, helping with construction of school, taking pictures in relation with sponsoring projects in Senegal and Mali.


India, January (3 weeks): 735 Euros
Kenya-Tanzania (5 weeks): 1430 Euros
Senegal-Gambia (2 weeks): 480 Euros
India, August: Further information later

The payment includes 2 seminars and other preparatory meetings that are neccessary for the trip, plus accomodation, local travelling to and from the project places, visas to the country/countries, breakfast when staying in hotels, and food on project site(s). In addition, Multikulti provides contacts with our partners in India, Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal and Gambia.

Not included: Flights, vaccination, food during time off (except for breakfast in hotels), other transport, pocket money.

Flights (Return tickets – September 2016):

Keflavík-London: 270-300 Euros
London-Chennai (Indlandi): ca 470 Euros
London-Nairobi (Kenía): 550 Euros
London-Chennai-Nairobi-London: 820 Euros
Keflavík-Róm: 430 Euros
Róm-Senegal: 500 Euros

If a participant wishes to withdraw from the program in the middle of a trip, Multikulti will assist the participant in changing flights and other arrangements needed for him/her to return back home.

The participant must arrange all insurance cover that he/she deems neccessary.

For further information, please contact Kjartan: or Solveig: