Volunteer trips

The multicultural center Multikulti has in recent years organized volunteer trips for young people. The center offers trips that can last from 12 days to 2 months in the following countries: India, Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal and Gambia. The next trip will take place in January 2017. See Multikulti Travelling Schedule for 2017.

In these trips the participants get to know the countries and its people while participating in projects with local volunteers.
The projects include:
Assisting in children homes, kindergartens and tuition centers in Tamil Nadu in South India.
Making bricks, harvesting vegetables and teaching in kindergartens and primary schools in Kenya and Tanzania.
Looking aftur and attending to orphans.
Assisting with tuition, e.g. English, geology, mathematics and computers.
Peer education about HIV with young local volunteers in Kenya.
Agriculture work, putting up fences, helping with school construction, taking pictures in relation to sponsorship projects in Senegal and Mali.

Volunteers participate in a preparatory program before leaving, in total 30 hours, to get familiar with the projects and the basis of the work.

Further information: kjartanice@gmail.com and solveigjonas@gmail.com